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    ‘Not invented here!’ R&D in Construction

    9 November 2016 (London)

    A joint event with The Edge network looking at whether ’s time to come up with a new model for R&D in construction. Speakers included Annabel Filer, SCIN Gallery; Paddy Conaghan, Hoare Lea; Elspeth Finch, Indigo&; and Mike Moseley, KTN. Read on...

    ‘If We Build It…’ Creating a strategic and sustainable vision for UK R&D

    29 Apr 2015 (London)

    Held in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network in the run-up to the UK General Election to look at national R&D strategy, the 'infrastructure' required to support a world-class innovation ecosystem for the UK, and the expectations of how this will accelerate exploitation and economic growth. Read on...

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