• Current programmes of work

    We run parallel programmes around current R&D issues

    Industrial Policy and Government

    Beyond ‘picking winners’ in R&D

    The Society welcomes the idea of a government-led industrial strategy for the UK and the role that this can play in regional development. But equally it has concerns that too much attention maybe paid to the academic science base and less on other issues that industry faces in an increasingly competitive and globalised world, particularly as the UK starts a process to leave the European Union.


    We therefore seek to ensure that the process of establishing a new industrial strategy for the UK focuses on what matters for wider UK industry to ensure its success and contribution to the economic and social wealth of the UK. Through a series of events and consultation with industry and other stakeholders in UK R&D, this programme will develop a clear view of what UK industry needs to support growth and economic success across a range of sectors .


    Construction and the Built Environment

    Not invented here?

    Construction is one of the largest economic sectors in the UK. It is fragmented, doesn’t have a coherent model of R&D, and finds it difficult to innovate, at best following a step-by-step model. Industry and academia are disconnected; even within universities engineering and architecture don’t communicate. And government doesn’t pay significant attention to the sector.


    We want to identify the areas in which R&D and innovation can have a significantly greater impact. The programme will examine the drivers of innovation and explore how research (of which there is a flourishing culture) can be turned into genuine development projects for infrastructure and buildings.